As a Coro Fellow, you gain access to high-level professionals in all sectors and join an engaged alumni network of leaders who have been making communities across the country better since 1942.  Alumni work in local, state and federal government, social justice, housing development, education, unions, media, arts, finance, consulting and more.


In today’s world, social and community issues are more interconnected than ever before, and the challenges we face are increasingly complex. These complex challenges require all leaders to flex across a variety of sectors and leadership styles, and create unique solutions in partnership with others. Coro Fellows learn from a diversity of opinions, styles and world views, learn how to approach and break down complex problems effectively, and gain on-the-job experience across a variety of placements, equipping them with the tools to effect social change on a grand scale.

“Coro taught me how to navigate through the slings and arrows of the group process, gave me my first peek at how the federal government works when we travelled to DC, caused me to experience a meltdown of my “opinion collection” within the first 90 days and without a doubt, gave me a lifetime of diverse experiences and people encounters in nine months of intense learning.”  – Kerry Morrison, Executive Director, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, ‘81


The Coro Fellows program is an incubator for innovative thinking around the policies and ideas shaping the future of our cities. Fellows immerse themselves in intensive exploration of current cross-sector issues, gaining first-hand insights through discussions with leaders at the forefront of social change, and diving into hands-on field projects that collectively become a catalyst for unparalleled career and personal growth.


No two days are alike for Coro Fellows. The rigorous, nine-month program uses the city as a classroom, and includes placements in business, government, non-profit, labor and campaign sectors, with hands-on experience and opportunities to learn from key influencers and thought leaders shaping future agendas. At each project, Fellows do valuable work with concrete deliverables that supports the organization’s mission. Additionally, Fellows participate in group interviews with prominent city leaders and leadership seminars to learn how to critically examine and collaborate to address complex issues.

“In my career running a think tank, serving as Deputy Chancellor and as President of the IBM Foundation, I have hosted individual Coro Fellows,  teams of them,  and ultimately hired over a dozen program graduates. I have found them to be highly motivated, very well skilled and  unfailingly creative. I would recommend the program to prospective Fellows, to potential employers and anyone interested in accessing top talent.”

Stan Litow, President IBM Foundation